How to grow your hair out

1. Have a plan

Do you know what you’re aiming for? It helps to know where you’re headed. Come up with some sweet dreams for what you want to see in a year when you look in the mirror. 

2. Enlist help

Get a hairstylist on your side, and stick with her or him. It helps to have someone who will talk you out of cutting bangs, or who will help guide your hair into position. Who knows what to cut, and what to leave behind.

3. Take something

There are lots of vitamins on the market. Some women take prenatal vitamins because they make your hair (and nails) grow faster as a side effect. I like to take Viviscal, which is made specifically to encourage healthy fast hair growth.

4. Don’t touch it

You’ll need to get trims to keep it healthy but otherwise, leave it alone as much as possible- The less you cut it, the faster it will grow, as long as you don’t wait too long and let the ends split.

5. Don’t fuck it up

Give it a rest! The less you abuse it, the less you will have to cut it. Wear it in braids, let it air-dry, don’t wash it all the time, and don’t color it just because you’re bored. Try to leave it be! 




Rila Fukushima for W Magazine

Los Angeles, CA

Photos by Lauren Dukoff

Hair by Nikki Providence

Makeup by Sandy Ganzer